Buyer's Guide

Every year hundreds of schools and charities contact the same businesses we do asking for donations. Collectively we must leverage Clarendon’s buying power to support businesses that support Clarendon JBBP. Showing these businesses we support them sets us apart and makes fundraising, which is critical to our children’s success, easier now and in the future.

Please use this Buyer’s Guide as a starting point when making your next purchase, looking for a service, or planning a party. Show merchants your business came from the JBBP Buyer’s Guide by:

  • Speaking to a manager and telling them that their businesses support for our
    children is the reason you are there.
  • Writing: “Thank you! - Clarendon JBBP”, ideally in blue ink, on the right-hand side of your bill
  • Writing an email to express your support for supporting us. If you are sending an email cc: and we can use these as successful testimonials to enhance future fundraising efforts.

Please check the current list of donors.