Fundraising made easy! eScrip is an easy way to help raise money for JBBP without ever reaching into your pockets! By registering your Safeway card and credit/ debit cards with this merchants reward program, you can earn 1-8% of your purchases for Clarendon JBBP simply by shopping as you normally do. For example, Safeway, Mollie Stone’s and Cal-Mart give back up to 5%.

Sign up Process

  • Go to and click on the "sign up" purple tab
  • Identify Your Group: Japanese Bicultural Program at Clarendon (or by Group ID: 137317170)
  • Provide Your Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone… so that if you are shopping, you can still earn points through these means!)
  • List the Grocery/Community Cards (Safeway, Mollie Stone's, etc.)
  • List the Credit and Debit Cards you use (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) – no expiration date required
  • List the Retail and Drug Stores

Then, when you shop at stores that partner with eScrip, a percentage of your purchase goes automatically to Clarendon JBBP.

If you can't remember your Safeway card number, call Safeway at (877) 723-3929 and they will provide your number after you answer a few questions.

If you participated last year with your Safeway card, you need to renew with eScrip in order to continue earning money for JBBP. Please take a moment to do so by visiting and click on Yes! Renew. Your contributions will resume immediately.

eScrip Online Mall

Are you an online shopper? Earn up to 16% of purchases at over 1,000 name brand merchants – shop from the same websites you know and trust, and pay exactly the same price as you normally would while supporting JBBP. For example, if you shop through the eScrip Online Mall, Clarendon will receive:

  • 1.2% at eBay & Apple Store
  • 3-7% at Gap and Nordstrom
  • 1.8% at
  • 10.8% at Shutterfly

For the full list or to start shopping, please visit

Even better, download the AutoEarnTM webapp - once you complete this easy installation, you can shop directly at participating merchants’ sites rather than going through the eScrip Online Mall and automatically make contributions for JBBP!


Any questions or if you need help signing up, please contact Mina Muraki at mina_muraki at yahoo dot com