Physical Education

Children in the JBBP participate in instructor-led PE classes once/week (along with additional motor skills classes for Kindergartners). These classes are led by resident PE Consultant Marc LeBiavant, a benefit of the strong fundraising at Clarendon. While all California schools must meet a certain number of PE minutes each week, the fact that Clarendon enjoys dedicated instruction from a PE specialist is an enrichment not found district-wide.

The physical education curricula for grades K-5 integrates physical activity with focus on promoting healthy, active lifestyles. The enrichment provides creative opportunities for all students to practice discipline, cooperation, communication and positive social interaction through sports and physical challenge through teacher-led games and activities that develop both hand-eye coordination and gross motor skill in all students, regardless of previous skills or affinity for sports.

Clarendon’s PE program not only meets but exceeds the National and State Educational PE Standards.