K-3 students at Clarendon JBBP take singing lessons from a noted Japanese music teacher, Ruriko Miura, every other week. The children learn many songs in Japanese, strengthening not only their music skills but also their Japanese language pronunciation. Children perform some of these songs at Performing Arts Nights (PAN) in December.

In addition, children take Taiko-drumming classes once/week, starting in 4th grade. These classes, led by Melody Takata, are one of the many enrichments provided by strong fundraising at Clarendon.

Taiko (Japanese drumming) is both a combination of traditional music and dance form that reflects the unique cultural focus of the JBBP. Students with sufficient interest are invited to perform during the Cherry Blossom Festival in April. There is also a year-end performance put on by all 4th and 5th grade students where family members are also invited on stage to enjoy this art and exercise.