Investments, Endowment & Grant

In addition to a healthy operating account, Clarendon JBBP has funds in investments through the Vanguard Group. These funds are treated as (and referred to as) the JBBP Endowment or “JBBP Fund”.

JBBP Endowment

The JBBP Endowment has been made possible by a combination of fundraising, financial management, investing and winning a federal grant that covered all Japanese curriculum costs from 2002 - 2005. As such, the endowment was established to support the vitality and mission of JBBP at Clarendon. Characteristics and goals of this endowment include the following:

  • The investments seek to achieve a mix of long-term capital appreciation and income through broadly diversified US and international stocks and bonds.
  • The portfolio is designed to be low-maintenance, not requiring a lot of work for a single manager, thus enabling it to continue in the same fashion when new Investment Committee members assume the job.
  • The endowment is to exist in perpetuity while making regular distributions for the sake of its beneficiaries.
Recognizing this goal—distributions for the sake of its beneficiaries (the JBBP community)—the Investment Committee along with the PAC Executive Team determines the yearly distribution amount and then allocates that amount to our JBBP cultural budget.

JBBP Grant: Purpose & How to Apply

The JBBP Grant must benefit JBBP students for whom the endowment was established, and may be applied for by either a current JBBP parent or teacher. If a JBBP parent is making the application, he/she must also be able to cite the support of a JBBP teacher who will either actively work towards seeing the enrichment fulfilled or serve as an adviser in the logistical execution of the enrichment.

Determine Amount

On June 30th each year the balance of the endowment is noted. The Investment Committee recommends a distribution of 4-6% based upon the health of the endowment; these funds are then available for the JBBP Grant for that following school year. (This percentage is typical of an endowment distribution and should not compromise the integrity of the principal funds.)

Announce Amount

In 2015, Clarendon JBBP PAC announced the funds available during the week of September 28. The announcement was shared in a broadcast e-mail to the community. The Grant was further explained at a PAC General Meeting on October 8, 2015.

Grant Applications Due

One month after announcement all grant applications are due. A reviewing committee of parents, teachers, and program coordinator review the applications.

Applications Reviewed; Recipient Notified

One month after the grant application deadline a recipient is notified.


  • Only one recipient per school year.
  • If no applications are submitted, the distribution remains in the endowment as invested funds.


  • How is it possible that JBBP has such sizable accounts?
    In 2001 a few JBBP parents applied for a federal grant and won a sizable amount to cover the Japanese Curriculum. This pretty much covered all of the Japanese Curriculum costs from 2002 - 2005. At the same time, our industrious parent community was still raising funds through our normal fund raising activities, thus creating a reserve.
  • Why are we still fundraising if we have all this money?
    Any financial adviser will say the same: live within your means. While it's great to be in a strong financial position overall, we need to continue fundraising in order to ensure that the programs and enrichment we enjoy remain sustainable. If we start eating away at the investment nest egg, we run the risk of spending irresponsibly and failing to make smart but tough choices about where we work, how we spend, and what we keep as part of our Clarendon JBBP experience. JBBP's fundraising enables our operating account.


Please click on the links to download the forms and templates below. You may submit your application to

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