History & Philosophy

The Japanese Speaking Society of America first made a request to the San Francisco Unified School District to establish a Japanese Bilingual and Bicultural Program in 1969.

After several years of intensive community effort, the Board of Education approved an elementary school program starting in the fall of 1973. In its initial decade, JBBP was located at a number of sites, including Cobb (Emerson), Rooftop (Twin Peaks), Alvarado, Sherman, Anza, and Columbus schools.

In 1982 JBBP moved to Clarendon, sharing the site and resources with its sister program, the Second Community Program. At this new site, JBBP has steadily grown and prospered.

Today JBBP at Clarendon focuses on integrating Japanese language and culture into the school day with support from all parents. Cultural studies are essential to expanding children's awareness of the world and its rich possibilities. The Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program provides students a window on global issues, international diversity, and world geography. The program is committed to a vision of education that:

  • Embraces cultural diversity and respect for others
  • Builds social and community relationships
  • Promotes emotional and physical development through sports and group activities
  • Nurtures creative expression and communication abilities through the arts
  • Fosters intellectual growth
  • Develops solid problem-solving skills

Parent involvement is the hallmark of the educational experience at JBBP. Parents participation and volunteerism is essential to maintaining the quality and diversity of school projects and activities.

Opportunities exist for everyone to participate – from assisting in the classroom, reading a book to the children, participating in garden work days, maintaining the website, writing grants or chairing or participating in one of our committees. If you are interested in getting involved, or would like more information on how to do so, please e-mail PAC@ClarendonJBBP.org.