Annual Fund

Why do we have an Annual Fund at a public school?

We all know there is a lack of funding for California's public schools, and SFUSD is no different. But Clarendon students receive even less money per child than elsewhere in the district. The more successful the school, the less funding we receive.

To make up the difference, as Clarendon parents we roll up their sleeves and open their checkbooks to make sure their children continue to enjoy a diverse, enriching education. This funding single-handedly provides for our Japanese consultants and curriculum, our enrichment consultants in Art, PE and Taiko, a full computer lab with dedicated instructor, plentiful and amazing field trips in SF and around the state. The list goes on.

How much do we need?

JBBP PAC, your parent association, will spend about $840 per child this year. Ideally we'd like to see the same amount donated back via the Annual Fund, but realize this is a large ask and not realistic for every family. The bottom line is this: every little bit helps, and we will operate within our community's means, reducing programs and expenses if necessary.

Please help keep Clarendon JBBP strong by making an Annual Fund Donation. No amount is too small and any amount will help meet our participation goal. For your convenience you may donate securely via Square or via PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact

  • Lauren Schwartz, Annual Fund Chair, at
  • Laura Trott, Annual Fund Chair, at